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The hot tub wood smoke filter

The ABCAT® HOTTUB, as the hot tub wood smoke filter is called, allows you to fire with fewer emissions. The wood smoke filter on the stove reduces odor, emissions of (fine) dust and harmful compounds. This means that from now on you can fire with peace of mind. Even in the middle of a residential area.

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Heating without worries

The hot tub wood smoke filter ensures that harmful substances are post-combusted. A simple description of how the ABCAT® HOTTUB works is: what does not burn in the stove gets a second chance to burn in the filter. 🔥

Its operation is also similar to a car's catalytic converter. This too is a type of filter to ensure that less harmful substances are released.  

If you want to get the best out of the hot tub and the hot tub smoke filter, you have to light the fire with care as well as according to the Swiss method. If you fire very hard, the flames will hit the smoke filter and damage the catalytic converter. When you fire with care, you also get more efficiency out of your wood.

This is how the hot tub wood smoke filter works

Benefits of the hot tub wood smoke filter

  • There is no or a very small amount of wood odor present
  • The smoke is not or hardly visible
  • Filters harmful substances from smoke
  • Ideal for a built-up garden

The first smoke filter for the hot tub

Together with EcoCat we have developed the EU's first and only hot tub wood smoke filter. EcoCat is the specialist in smoke filters for indoor and outdoor wood stoves. This party fits perfectly with Welvaere and because of the desire for this filter, this cooperation came about. The smoke filters are made in the Netherlands and are of high quality.

No more burning smell and (fine) dust

The hot tub wood smoke filter is placed directly above the stove for best results. In this way, the wood smoke filter is closest to the source and most quickly effective. This allows the (fine) dust and odor to be addressed.

A universal wood smoke filter for the hot tub

Don't you have a hot tub from Welvaere? Not to worry, even then you can purchase a hot tub smoke filter from us. The wood smoke filter can be made to fit any size with a small adjustment in production. And therefore for every type of hot tub chimney.

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The first hot tub smoke filter in Europe

The hot tub wood smoke filters are made in Vlissingen, are Dutch-made and the only ones within all of Europe. At EcoCat and Welvaere , user-friendliness is paramount. That is why the ABCAT® is double-walled. This actually works just like the heat shield around the stove tube, preventing you from touching the really hot part. This makes using the ABCAT® HOTTUB extra safe.

Like Welvaere , EcoCat stands for quality. The hot tub smoke filter is therefore made of a high-quality material. The housing of the filter is stainless steel 316. Like the heater and heat shield, the double-walled filter will not discolor and retains its beautiful "silver-gray" color.

The catalyst works on the basis of palladium and platinum. These are precious metals, just like gold. The catalyst material is in a round module that must be placed directly above the stove. The wood smoke passes through this catalyst. The catalyst cracks incompletely burned compounds such as hydrocarbon compounds. These compounds give the color and odor to wood smoke. In addition, the catalyst acts as a filter, capturing some of the particulate matter (fly ash).

Depending on the use of the stove, the filter should also be cleaned regularly. We always keep the time when we also scoop the ashes from the stove. Cleaning the filter is done as follows:

  • Remove the stove tube with any heat shield from the hot tub;
  • Remove the ABCAT® HOTTUB;
  • You can now rinse the inside of the filter clean with the garden hose, or just under the tap;
  • Replace the filter;
  • Put the stove tubes back on and you can fire again.
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