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Ultimate relaxation and getting together with your loved ones is done with a real Ducktub hot tub, Tønsauna or outdoor cooking product from Welvaere.

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Take advantage of our sunny promotions this weekend

This weekend we are hosting another wellness event at Welvaere. The weather is getting great and that is the perfect time to visit Welvaere and take advantage of our promotional prices.

Make an appointment in our Experience Center and enjoy your hot tub and sauna in the coming season.

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Hot tubs

Ducktub hot tubs

Every Ducktub hot tub from Welvaere you put together yourself! Choose how you want to heat the hot tub, or want extras like bubbles, jets, a filter system etc.!

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Outdoor saunas


Put together the outdoor sauna that completely suits your needs. Built by our own Welworkers in the Netherlands and the best quality & service in NL!

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Outdoor Cooking

On a nice summer evening, enjoy delicious food and each other with the whole family or group of friends.

Outdoor showers

How nice is it when you can cool off under your own outdoor shower after a sauna session or on a hot summer day?


Discover our wide range of accessories to complete your relaxation sessions.

Fully customizable

In the configurator you put together your future Ducktub and Tønsauna completely according to your wishes. Are you coming to the Experience Center? One of our advisors will be happy to help you with this!

We are the designers and creators

We ourselves are the designers and makers of our products. In Nijkerk and Putten the most beautiful hot tubs and saunas are made, completely according to your wishes. Will you drop by? We will be happy to give you a tour of our workshop.

The real experience in our Experience Center

Test the seating comfort, feel the warmth, ask all your questions to our advisors and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea. You can do that in our Experience Center in Nijkerk. You are welcome 5 days a week with or without an appointment!

Proud of our products

We are happy to tell you more about it

This is how our customers enjoy their wellness paradises

We can tell you all about our products, but of course our customers know best what it is like to have a Ducktub, Tønsauna or other Welvaere products in your garden.

Read customer stories about their experiences, their favorite moments & get inspired by the beautiful spots our wellness products have been given!

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Personalized advice in our Experience Center

Visiting Welvaere in Nijkerk is always a party - at least if you like a nice conversation and good coffee. And the conversation is not only fun, it's also with an expert. Our advisors Kevin, Sven, Bart & Joppe know everything about our products.

And would you like to test sit or light the stove yourself? Of course, that's no problem either. When you buy a hot tub, sauna or spa, of course you want to know exactly where you stand.

Come to our Experience Center

We plant 2 trees when you buy something from us

For a reason there a tree in our logo. Prominently present. Because we enjoy the outdoors immensely and love nature. Leaves, fresh wind and a warm sun. That is our favorite place. Because we love nature so much, we also take responsibility for it.

We think it is important to make a positive contribution to nature, in addition to benefiting from it. One of the ways we do this is by donating trees to Trees for All for more than 5 years. Not only in the Netherlands but also abroad.

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